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Nursery Items That Are Game Changers (#1 helps prevent SIDS)

Like most moms, I spent both pregnancies preparing, researching, buying & organizing for our baby’s arrival. But once my daughter arrived, there were items that were OBVIOUSLY missing & needed. I’ve compiled my favorites for you! This is not a sponsored post, all items shared are ones I use & love!

1. A Ceiling Fan

DONT skip this one. During my birthing class at Scottsdale Shea Medical Center here in Arizona, we had an amazing nurse with 30+ years of experience teaching our course. We learned SO much information that was crucial in both deliveries (wondering if you should take a birthing class? TAKE IT). A HUGE recommendation for me was when she told us to get a fan for the nursery. “Research shows that an oscillating fan on a baby lowers the risk of SIDS by 82%. The air on the baby’s face reminds them to breathe.” I’ll never forget that percentage. I searched Pinterest, no one was sharing this information. We started with a floor fan we had, but by the time she was 6 months old & crawling, all she wanted to do was knock it over. Ceiling fan it is!

2. Diaper Genie

Ok, I’ve seen TONS of nursery lists saying NOT to get a diaper genie. So I didn’t get one for the first 5 months of my daughters life. You want to know what that was like? Picture your house. Now picture it with a pile of 3 (or more) grocery bags of stinky diapers in the hallway. Constantly. Our nursery was upstairs so it was more of a chore to take them to the trash multiple times a day. You want a mom-lifesaver-marriage-helper-fight-preventer? BUY THE DIAPER GENIE.

3. Energizer Night Light – 2 Pack

Might seem obvious, but to me it wasn’t! I suggest them for hallways & bathrooms too since you’ll be everywhere in your house up at night with a newborn. You think about the bedding, the dresser, the crib, but suddenly you have a newborn & you go into her room to answer her cry & “Woah, it’s pitch black. OW. That was the dresser.” And suddenly you’re on Amazon Prime while you feed your baby. I love the Energizer Night Lights. $11 each for a night light does seem steep, so if you find one in store for a better price let me know! I’ve returned SO MANY night lights, & have always gone back to these.

4. Hand Lotion
Hand lotion in the nursery? Genius. I was going from changing diapers to pumping and preparing bottles, and I needed my hands to be clean. Washing them constantly started to take a toll, and now I have lotion in pretty much every room of the house. My favorites are Renew by Melaleuca, and Ahava Mineral Hand Cream (oh buttery goodness that I will request to be slathered in on my last day on earth).

5. Mini Digital Clock
It is 3 am, you don’t have your phone with you, you’re nursing your baby and you need to know how much longer to hold him upright after you burp him to help with digestion. A little clock next to your rocker is a must. Play on the floor with your kiddo? You can easily see it’s lunch time. Anything that eliminates picking up my phone yet again is a must. I didn’t find any on Amazon that I loved, but I know I purchased my daughter’s little white clock in store at Target.

6. Command Hooks
I LOVED these little suckers. I used one to hang the baby bathtub in the kid’s shower, one to hang the monitor camera on the wall near the crib (but far enough for her not to reach the cord), one to hang my baby carrier in her closet, the list is endless.

7. Black Out Curtains
In the newborn stage, those little nuggets pretty much sleep anywhere with any amount of light. But as a few months go by and they are much more aware, black out curtains are a game changer. My husband hung them so I have *cute* curtains on the outside, and black out curtains underneath. He did this by alternating a loop from each curtain panel onto the rod. Genius!

8. Basket for Baby Blankets
When I was a nanny, the mom I worked for had an entire basket for baby blankets on the floor in the corner. I thought, why would you need so many blankets? Then I had a baby. Woah dang. They poop and spit up on everything, so, you need many many blankets. Instead of trying to stuff them in a drawer, a basket is a cute and decorative way to store them. Plus, they’ll be easy to reach with a baby in one arm. This jute basket is super cute, I used something similar for my son. For my daughter, I used a giant metal bucket meant to ice drinks (durable and decorative), whatever works!

9. Sound Machine

I LOVE this little guy. Especially with two kiddos who wake up randomly at different parts of the night, I needed something that would make it so they wouldn’t wake each other up. Sometimes that still happens, but this little sound machine is my favorite.

10. Bobby Water Resistant Cover

Of course everyone tells you to get the CUTE cover. I never once heard to get the water proof cover. Then my sweet newborn baby girl had a blow out while I was nursing her (like always), and there went my Boppy. Stained after just a few uses. I highly recommend this *fluid* resistant cover!

11. Grey & White Geometric Rug

I am constantly asked there I got this rug, and I honestly love how well it goes with everything in my son’s room. It’s light-medium in the “plush” category, and immediately brightened up our nursery. Almost 2 years later & I’m still in love!


I hope this helps you Momma!

*I enjoy the Target $1 section, and Affiliate Links help me raid it every once in a while.  🙂

Nursery Items
Nursery Items