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Seat Protectors for your Car/SUV – Road Trips with Kids Must Have

We bought a new SUV once we had our second baby (our older one didn’t have a large enough backseat for two carseats), and we needed seat protectors ASAP with all the cheerios & spit up flying around in the back of our car (gross I know). I have black seats in my SUV, and these have been amazing to have under each of our kid’s carseats!

StayNPro Luxury Seat Protector Kit

This includes one seat protector for the car seat itself (not the child’s carseat) and one protector for the back of YOUR seat. Because we all know that once those kiddos are old enough to face forward, they just want to kick the back of your seat. Fantastic. Thanks for that.


Seat Back Protector & Pocket Organizer – 2 Pack

At the time we purchased the above seat protectors, they didn’t come with the seat back protectors, so I bought these & love them! They hold my daughter’s Water Wow Books (freaking lifesavers on road trips & longer than normal car rides) and small toys. The pockets are not large enough for sippy cups, but will fit most small, flat items.


If your child can feed themselves, these lunch boxes are amazing for packing snacks or meals & handing the whole thing back to your child. AMAZING.


Hope this helps you Momma!