About Mommified Blogger - Briana Olsen

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Hello there, my name is Bri! I started this blog because I love to write, and I wanted help other moms in ways that I have struggled. Motherhood is a tough gig but a beautiful one too.

One day as I was driving with puke on my shirt, going on 3 hours of sleep, I said out loud "Well I'm just...Mommified." Being Mommified to me has been seeing myself transition to a place where loud & messy is my new normal, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

The "mom blogger" community was there for me at 2 am as I searched through Pinterest when my baby wouldn't sleep, hoping to read something from an experienced mom to help me. Time and time again, the advice I've read has been GOLD to me. Now, if I can give even one mom something valuable like that, I am grateful.

I have two kiddos & a wonderful husband who stays up late listening to my (crazy) ideas.

I am a Freelance Writer & Graphic Designer. I have a passion for people, my relationship with Jesus, making beautiful things, writing, my family, business, getting outdoors & rock climbing (my picture is from a trip to Mexico I went on with my husband, how I long to belay off of SOMETHING, anything).

My college degree focused on Business Administration & Design. It is strange to me that I love spreadsheets AND visual concepts, but I don't have time to question it.

Thank you for reading, Pinning, emailing, & supporting my efforts, it warms my heart.