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How I Earn an Extra $50+ per Month While Buying Things our Family Needs

I’ve compiled a list of ways I make extra cash each month. It’s exciting to see how spending about an hour each month total on these items can add up to a little extra spending cash!


I first hear about Ebates when I was meeting with a financial planner for our kid’s college fund. He asked about our family spending & I mentioned I’m very frugal. “You HAVE to check out Ebates, my wife & I love it!” I installed the Ebates button in my internet browser, & it automatically pops up to tell me when I have a cash back reward on a certain site (usually 1%-12&) then they send you a check in the mail every couple months! Amazing. For example, you can earn 4% back right now on, genius.

iBotta App

(I get $5 if you sign up, so yeah you should :D) I seriously love this app, I check iBotta when creating my grocery list, when I’ve purchased the items I scan their barcodes & my receipt, & once I accumulate $20 I can withdraw the money & get giftcard or send it to my Paypal for cash! I’ve earned over $75 so far with iBotta. BONUS: Use coupons, plus iBotta, BAM. Super savings.

Taking Surveys

There used to be large firms that provided consumer feedback to companies, now there are easy to use, pay direct to user websites like these:


Survey Junkie

Survey Momma

Survey Momma is one that shows you a lot of different offers at one site. If you’re on your smart phone anyway, might as well take some surveys & earn some Starbucks money!

I hope this helps you momma!