Husband Approved Gifts for Him


My husband and I have a running joke *most* of the “Gifts for Him” lists out there are completely bogus. For fun, I’ll pull one up & read off the items, only for the kicks & giggles that my husband says NO to every item on the list. My husband does not want a MONOGRAMMED LEATHER TRAVEL TOILETRY KIT.

So here it is, this is what he does want:

Gift for the Man That Loves Music

Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Audio Adapter for Sound System

Currently $22, this is a bargain and a really awesome gift for your husband’s birthday or for the holidays. It is very easy to use, to play music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your phone. Once it’s hooked up, I went to my iPhone bluetooth menu, selected “Unify” and voila, Pandora played beautifully through our home stereo system.

Netgear Wifi Extender

My husband loves listening to music by the pool, or watching a movie with me outside on the iPad. Only problem, is that in our new how the wifi didn’t extend that far. This puppy allows us to use Wifi in our backyard while it’s plugged in indoors, & now he’s one happy guy.

Gifts for the Bicyclist

Grande Beverage Holder

My husband has a giant water bottle & loves to go on bike rides with his friends. He searched & searched for a cup holder that would fit nicely on his beach cruiser & that would fit his preferred beverage, this was a winner!

Park Tool iBeam Mini Tool

Another great gadget for his hobbies! I originally found this tool at REI and has great reviews. I got one for my brother in law who often rides bikes in the desert & doesn’t have access to a huge tool box if something happens with his bike. It’s “mini” so it will fit in a pocket or backpack.


Gift for the Businessman

I bought this book for myself originally, and one day it crept over to my husband’s nightstand, and stayed there. Until he read the whole dang thing. This is a THICK book friends. It has amazing daily routines, workouts, & business advice from “Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers” (to quote the cover). Bottom line, this book is inspiring, and is sure to get any man to add a jumpstart to his routine & goals. If you get him this, it’s encouraging him that you think HE’s a Titan too.

Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast

Oakley Ballistic Glasses

If I want to find out what my husband really wants, I ask my brother in law. They love target shooting together, so I knew I needed to ask him for some ideas. My husband was like a kid on Christmas when he opened up these glasses. Guys love gadgets & awesome gear for their hobbies, these were a winner!


Gift for the Man Who Loves the Outdoors

Camelbak MULE Hydration Pack

My husband loves this backpack, a gift that came from my mom. He uses it for skiing, camping, hiking, and biking. It comes in 7 colors and is a great gift for someone who’s active.

A few other ideas: