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I Tried 3 pairs of Rain Boots, & the Best Inexpensive Rain Boots were $35!

We planned a lovely vacation just my husband and I in Santa Monica, CA to see the Genesis Open Golf Tournament. We dropped the kids off safely with family, got to the airport and the woman at Southwest says, “All flights to San Diego and LA are cancelled due to storms.” What the crap! “Oh, after 11 am, you should be good.”

We flew into LAX just before the rain hit, and boy did it hit once we got into our Uber. Problem: I packed Nikes, Rainbow flip flops & not-weather-proof black boots. As I stepped in a few puddles, water was already in my boots. I needed rain boots fast.

We went to the Croc store, and the calf part was too wide with the toe of the boot too curved. If I’m spending money I need to love it!! We walked into a nearby shoe store, and nothing fit, but were also too “stiff” to be comfortable to walk in.

I wanted the best inexpensive rain boots out there. I’ve got babies, I can’t do $130 rain boots!!

Hero: Amazon Now. We were traveling with my friend’s sister & she order this pair for me. Flexible, comfortable, cute buckle on the strap, WINNER WINNER chicken dinner. I’m usually size 8.5 – 9, and a 9 fits perfectly.

Pants: Nike Dri- Fit

Boots: Kamik Women’s Black Boots