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Mom of Two Favorite Stroller, Diaper Bag & Daily Essentials – New Mom Must Haves


Of course when I was pregnant with my first baby I researched the heck out of the big items: stroller, carseat, diaper bag, etc. These are things you have to use EVERYDAY so they need to be good. I genuinely love all each of these items, & with a 3 & 1 year old I use them every single day (except the infant carseat of course). This is not a paid post, all opinions are my own.

Britax B-Agile Stroller Black – 2017

I LOVE this stroller, for many many reasons. The Britax infant seat clips in, facing you as you walk. It’s lightweight & so easy to fold up & put in the back of my car. It’s stylish & heavy duty, we’re going on 4 years owning ours and it’s in amazing shape still. We live in Arizona & there’s zero fading on the fabric, & no tears in the fabric with daily use. If you buy the stroller & carseat together you save a decent amount of money.

Britax Infant Carseat 35



I love our Britax carseat! It’s easy to clean, and has lasted us through two babies without fail. We have the Bob stroller as well, and were able to get a Britax adapter so we can use

Britax Drink Holder Attachment

This is an absolute MUST. My large Tervis cup & it fits in the cupholder, I put my kids sippy cups in the other two compartments & we’re good to go.

Stroller Hooks

I love these, I use them when I’m shopping to hold shopping bags, & if I don’t have a lot of heavy items, I’ll even hook a grocery store basket to the back of my stroller with these 😀 Mom’s walk past me & tell me I’m genius. Mmhmm. (Yes I know everything so far is black, you can get a pink or teal version here).*

*Side note on all the Black items: if I’m dressed up or in comfy clothes, my baby items look nice either way. I wear bright colors sometimes & obviously my children too, so if the stroller & diaper bag is black, it makes me feel more put together. The end.



Diaper Backpack (pictures linked to item info)

THE BACKPACK. I own the Black Skiphop backpack (it is barely shiny in real life & I LOVE it). With my first baby my sister in law suggested I get a backpack because it’s easier, but I never found one that was stylish (AKA willing to wear everyday). So I went with the large over the should bag. OY. Imagine walking down an airplane aisle, holding a baby & trying not to wack people in the face with your diaper bag. Literally my left shoulder hurt anywhere we went with that thing.

My AHA moment with the backpack was when I went to the zoo with my daughter… and every single other mom was wearing a backpack. They knew something I didn’t, apparently. So I bought one & have LOVED it ever since. There are so many stylish options now, it’s insane! With the Black Skiphop one I love that there are drink pockets on the sides, so I can visually see if I need to bring their sippy cups still, theres a back pocket where I put the changing pad + wipes, extra clothes in the front pocket, little pockets inside for diaper cream & THESE amazing diaper trash bags.

Munchkin + Arm & Hammer Diaper Trash Bags

I don’t go anywhere without these bags. Airplane bathroom (or any bathroom) and your baby had a blowout? Dont’ worry, these are scented & once tied off, you wont offend any passengers with that poop bomb of a diaper. Parents house & they don’t have a diaper genie? These little suckers to the rescue. Zoo, Acquarium, Mall, family trip, these are a must!

Yeti Rambler Cup – 30 oz.

You know how you need to drink insane amounts of water during pregnancy? It almost doubles when you’re breastfeeding. I live in Arizona & it’s crazy hot here, so when I stole my husband’s Yeti cup one day to use when I was out with the kids….that thing still had ice in it after sitting in my hot car!! Genius. BPA free &


I hope this helps you Momma!