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Things From Our Wedding Registry We Use Constantly 6 Years Later – Best Wedding Gifts

I remember registering and having this sense of anxiety that I would miss something that we’d really need & wouldn’t really have the finances to buy on our own right away. Well here are some keepers that we honestly use CONSTANTLY if not daily.


  1. Food Steamer by Hamilton Beach

We were slightly unsure when we first got this item since it wasn’t on our registry, but it quickly became on of our favorites! We use it to steam zucchini and squash, asparagus, and even fish! It has multiple levels so you can steam your entire meal at once, and it comes out healthy and delicious. It’s very easy to use & clean. This really came in handy later in life once we had kids & steam veggies for them, I could do a huge batch & then puree & freeze it. We LOVE this and constantly get asked about it when we have friends over for dinner.

2. Black & Decker Toaster Oven

I cannot express how much we use our toaster oven. On top of our daily use in the morning toasting bread & bagels, we use it for baking chicken or fish, rolls, corn bread muffins, small frozen pizzas, cheese crisps, reheating leftovers, & more. It’s perfect any smaller batch baking, this saves energy since you’re not heating up the regular oven, and we’ve definitely used it in addition to our oven when we have parties. Love this little machine!


3. Ninja Professional Blender

We love this blender. We primarily use ours for smoothies and sauces, but I will say it does an exceptional job with both. It is made to last, and we have definitely used and abused ours with no issues in sight.


4. Cuisinart Coffee Maker | Keurig

We started with a Mr. Coffee and switched to this Cuisinart model & have loved it. The Mr. Coffee one we had couldn’t really handle 2 or more cups of coffee without the filter cup getting stuck, which meant you ended up with a mug full of grounds. Our Cuisinart is easy to use, and great for parties when we have multiple coffee requests. We used a Keurig at my old office so that everyone could have their coffee that they preferred (after too many years of coffee type debates). Both are great options if you’re a coffee drinker!


5. Tea Kettle

I love a classy tea kettle, and we use ours daily! In the winter months it’s perfect for tea & hot chocolate. You might say, “I don’t drink tea.” Well, as soon as an illness hits your house I promise you will! And really, if you don’t drink tea, you should, ha! It’s my favorite morning ritual. I also have plenty of guests that ask for tea when they are over, and I love having a variety for them.


6. Salad Hands

These are great for mixing a salad and even serving it for a casual dinner.

7. KitchenAid Mixer

It’s so beautiful we have ours on the counter year round. We of course use ours for baking cookies, cakes & breads, and my husband surprised me with using it for the smoothest mashed potatoes. Love love love!


I hope this helps you!