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8 Best Baby Gifts – Newborn Essentials

In the past 3 years since becoming a mom, I’ve quickly learned what “essentials” I need to have, and all the other fluff that is non-sense. Here are a few baby items that I absolutely love, and use daily. This is not a sponsored post.

Carter’s Side-Snap Body Suits – Boy’s & Girl’s colors
These are amazing for newborns when they still have their umbilical cord attached & you have to be careful dressing them. My 8.5lb. & 9.5lb. babies were in Newborb clothes for 1-2 weeks, then went straight into 0-3 Months, so plan accordingly if you’re expecting a large baby (or grandbaby).


Organic Cotton Footed Pants – Size 0-3 mos. & 3-6 mos.
While the tiny baby socks are so cute, they are incredibly difficult to keep on those tiny feet. These are the perfect pants for newborns and infants.

Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat – $20-$29 (depending on color)
My husband and I cringed at the thought of spending $170 for a fancy high chair in our dining room, only to sell it on Craiglist years later for nothing. So I figured that I would spend $25 on the tan & white version of this seat, let it get beat up, & not feel like throwing up when we give it to goodwill in a few years.

Pros: Folds up easily to take on the go. Top tray cover is dishwasher safe. My daughter used this from 6 mos. – 2 and a half, & was still in great condition for my son to use.

Tip: Place a towel or seat cover between this chair and your dining room chair to protect it, & make sure the straps are tight.


Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair – $49
A nicer version of the previous high-chair alternative. Some days I wish we had bought this one, it definitely looks nice and has comfortable padding for baby. It doesn’t fold compactly, but the food tray is nice & large – a big pro!


PackIt Freezable Lunch Box– $14.60
I love this lunch box! It comes in a million different colors & patterns, and is perfect for making sure my baby’s milk stays cold when we go to the Zoo, grandma’s, the park, everywhere! It folds flat in my freezer & has freezer packs inside the fabric. Genius. I love that I can use it for myself too, not just the kiddos.

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles – 9 oz
I’ve loved these bottles for both of my children. I was able to breastfeed & bottle feed simultaneously

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

I don’t believe in wipes warmers, but a bottle warmer is a must. This one has lasted us through both kids & it’s very convenient!

Silicone Bib – Waterproof and Wipeable

After many stained bibs that are too tight on my kids necks, these things are amazing. Other plastic bibs have seams that you can’t get the food out of. I love the clean design and the “food pouch” at the bottom that saves my kids from sitting on blueberries. No wonder these are an Amazon best seller!


I hope this helps you momma!







*I love the dollar section at Target, affiliate links help me raid it every once in a while.