5 Things That Improved My Etsy Success

I created my Etsy shop in 2010, and I have learned a lot since then. I first listed hand made pillows, sewn in my college apartment. Today, I offer Graphic Design services, invitations, prints, Baby Shower & Party kits, and more. Here are the things that have really helped my little shop grow.

Email Templates & Encouraging Reviews

I have a word document with the verbiage I send to clients when I’m emailing a Final File to them. In my previous job, I learned the art of email templates. This saves SO MUCH time when really, you’re sending the same email over & over again.

When customers purchase my invitations, all communication happens within Etsy conversations until I send the final print file. I write the subject line & include “Etsy Order #….” so they know it’s not Spam, I attach the print file first to prevent not including the attachment, address them by name, mention the attached item, then insert copy to encourage positive reviews on my shop. I had 6 reviews for YEARS until I did this.

You might be wondering, Where do customers write reviews for their purchases on Etsy? Here is my template below to encourage reviews.

Thank you for your purchase! If you love your invitation, it would help me out greatly to receive positive feedback on my Etsy shop, you can find the review page from the link below.

Thank you,
Briana Olsen |

I include the link back to my Etsy shop in my email, in case they forward to a friend or friends that they are planning their party with, or they might save the email for future reference. This could generate more leads & returning customers.

Promote Your Listings
I have a $1 budget for my promoted listings, & this has always paid off. Do it! I also have a promo code that automatically gets sent out to customers who purchased an item, as a Thank You and a way to promote recurring business.

Save Your Etsy Items on Pinterest
Pin away my friend! But be strategic. Include key words in the Pin Title that you would search for, for each item.

When I had a board just for my Etsy work title “White Stripe Designs”: crickets.

When I pinned my Etsy items within relevant boards, hundreds of pins in a couple months.

Include a Link to Your Etsy Shop on Your Blog
Right when my blog’s traffic began to soar, so did my Etsy traffic. I could see that the same visitor that is clicking through my blog, clicks on the Shop link at the top also, leading to my Etsy Shop. Look at screenshot below with the increase in views from the year before, over 900 more views! Get it girl.

Create Your Shop to Make You Happy
A few years ago, I called my Great Aunt who has her art in the Smithsonian, and asked what her secret was. I mentioned that I was trying to earn money from my graphics & it wasn’t going that well.

She stopped me right there, “I just heard that you want to make money. You have to do it for the happiness, not the money. I have a lot of friends who are very very happy, & their work is amazing, but they’re not rich.” I was discouraged at first, but I kept going, with the intention of ONLY creating things that I LIKED if not LOVED to make for people. This changed everything.

I hope this helps you!