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10 Inexpensive & Gender Neutral Gifts for 1 Year Old


The Christmas that our daughter turned one, I researched my heart out on what to get her! Now that we have two kiddos, a 10 month old boy and our daughter who is now 3 years old, the toys that are STILL a hit with our 3 year old are winners in my book. Here are some of our favorites!

These dot markers are amazing! Set out a few sheets of printer paper or a paper table cloth and let that little one go to town.

This little seahorse is a favorite in our house. Now that we have two kiddos, my 10 month old son & 1 year old daughter LOVE the music and how it lights up. It is a bedtime must have! I hand it to my son while I attempt to wrestle his diaper & jammies on him and he stays still and is mesmerized by the light & music.

We love this board book! I keep our Holiday books separate in our kids closets, and it is so fun to get them out a few months from that holiday to get everyone in the spirit.

A new big kid stool is a big deal! When I was pregnant with our son, I knew that I would need help when washing our daughter’s hands and brushing teeth. Yes, this is more on the “practical side,” but my daughter was sincerely excited about this. Light weight and easy to clean, big plus!

Talk about tons of entertainment! This allows your child to problem solve (where does the car go?), see cause & effect, and is overall a very fun toy. This is a great gender-neutral toy!

Another toy that my 3 year old still loves. It collapses for easy storage, and when I bust this tunnel out, I am suddenly a super hero mom. Parents will always thank you for giving them toys that do not make any extra, unnecessary noise!

This one might take up some extra space in your house, but I promise it is worth the giggles. We keep ours up for the weekend & tell the kids it’s time to take it down once Monday comes.

Mega Bloks are a “daily driver” in our house! Our baby can safely suck on them while my 3 year old builds magical towers that she wants to preserve forever. I have truly seen her imagination blossom with these blocks! A great gift for a 1 year old, and even 3 year old!

Ahh the train set, a classic toy that is another favorite of both my children! Both of their faces light up when I get the trains out.

We love these bath bubbles! They are organic and last well in the tub with my two crazies. This would be a great gift alongside some bath tub letters.

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– Bri