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Baby Carrier Review – ErgoBaby, Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap

When I became a mom in 2013, I knew NOTHING about baby carriers, and they hadn’t really exploded onto the mommy scene like they have now. I was given a few carriers at my baby shower (Baby Bjorn & Infantimo), bought another (Moby Wrap), and borrowed my sister-in-law’s Ergo.

For me, the Ergo surpassed them all by a long shot! This picture is from December 2015 with my then 2 year old daughter, and 1 month old son. Did I mention how much I love that baby carriers cover the post-partum tummy? 🙂


ErgoBaby 3 Position Original
Lifesaver of all lifesavers. This carrier by far is the most comfortable to wear, it is the easiest to place your baby in (especially in a parking lot), and you can transition it to “backpack wearing” up to 44 lbs. Comfortably! My 8.5lb. & 9.5 lb. babies never fit in the Newborn Insert, but you might need that.

Let’s be honest, it’s chic too. My style is pretty much ALL BLACK EVERYTHING, so I don’t feel like a walking billboard for Fisher Price while I’m wearing this. When I wear my baby in the ErgoBaby carrier, in my head I am Elin Nordegren, my hair does not in fact have 1.5 lbs. of dry shampoo in it, and the cashier thinks I’m cute. A girl can dream.

Baby Bjorn
I did little to no research on baby carriers when we first registered, obviously Baby Bjorn has been around for decades and therefore, DING. I registered for their basic model. It was unfortunately not great for a newborn. I kept it and it ended up being a great carrier to leave at my mother-in-law’s house when she watched our daughter. I also used it & loved it onboarding and deboarding the airplane when we flew to Hawaii (before I bougt my ErgoBaby).

Moby Wrap Original
A nurse in the hospital that I delivered my babies at recommended this carrier, especially for the newborn skin-to-skin stage. I bought it, and frankly, my daughter hated it. She screamed, I re-wrapped it, she screamed more. There are TONS of moms who have had success and are in love with their wrap-carriers. I wasn’t one of them but that’s ok 🙂

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I hope this helps you momma!