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Toddler Approved Feeding Essentials – Plates, Sippy Cups & More

Once our sweet babies start to grow up, it’s time to graduate to some ‘big kid’ eating utensils. These are my family’s favorites!

Ikea Kids Plates – Kalas

I have been to Target & Walmart about 7 times trying to round up more eating utensils now that we have two kids. Two things have prevented me from buying plates there, COLOR & style. I don’t want a bunch of red, orange, yellow plates! I want my daughter to have a purple plate (or pink, or blue), and guess what…she does too. What I can’t find in store, I go to Amazon. I wash them in the dishwasher bottom rack. These are wonderful! And saved me a 40 minute drive to Ikea.

Gerber Forks

Once your toddler is ready to handle a fork & understands not to put it in their eyeball (2-3 years old), these are wonderful. We started with an all plastic fork with a softer edge when she was first attempting to use a fork, but eventually she got very frustrated that she wasn’t able to “stab” her food & have it stay on there. These are durable & easy to clean, & we love the color options!

Nuby Sippy Cups

I honestly love these little suckers. Pardon the pun. These made the transition from breastfeeding & bottle feeding to sippy cups, a breeze. My son loved the soft mouth piece that he could easily drink out of, and he loves to hold the handles on his own. The lids are two pieces, and it is so easy to pop out the clear piece & place in a dishwasher basket When my son drops the sippy cup the lid stays on, winner!

Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cup

I bought these for my daughter once she turned two, and oh my goodness we both love them. She was SO excited to get a big girl cup, and it’s hot pink so that’s even better. When she drops them, not even a spill or anything. The tops have 4 pieces, but honestly SO easy to clean. Take the lid off, take the top snap off, straw out & take the two pieces apart, put 3 small pieces in dishwasher basket. Finished! These also fit in my daughter’s cupholder in her carseat, biggest win of all.

Gerber Graduates Bowls with Lids

I LOVE these bowls. The “with lids” part is the best part of all. I can measure out my son’s rice cereal for grandma’s house, snap a lid on, voila! I can send snacks with my daughter to preschool, snap a lid on. The bowls are all one size which makes it so easy to stack them, & they’re very durable. Inexpensive, easy to clean, easy to store & use. Woot woot!


*I love the dollar section at Target, affiliate links let me raid it every once & a while 🙂

I hope this helped you Momma!